Join Equality Index in 2017

If you want your company to meet European standards to combat discrimination in the workplace? Involved to progressive Ukrainian companies - become a member of the research "Ukrainian index of corporate equity.

Index - a national survey of corporate policies, rules and practices of the Ukrainian business to prohibit discrimination in the workplace and equality and backed up by a roznomanittya.

The study focused on Searching for the best examples of Ukrainian business environment to find out how companies are willing to protect their employees from discrimination on grounds such as gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Why our company is interested to participate in the Index?

Criteria for Corporate Equality Index are based on European directives on labor legislation that required companies earn in Ukraine from 2017 (according to the Association Agreement with the EU). In fact, we suggest you go through internal audit the readiness of your company to meet European standards.

Membership in Corporate Equality Index is a signal for many young, creative and modern candidates and candidates that your company has a high standard of corporate responsibility;

2017 can be a year of recognition for our company!


Studies have shown that the presence of a working policy of equality increases the work of employees by 14%. There are many arguments why you should implement a policy of equality in the workplace.

Please contact us for more information tel. + 38 044 289 39 88 Rating will be published in two languages: Ukrainian and English, and distributed among organizations of communities that are discriminated against, the central offices of multinational corporations, government agencies of the European Union and the US and among the media.