Ukrainian Corporate Equality Index

What is a "corporate equality" and why is it important?

We all know that corporations play a very important role in our economy and society. As employers, manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services, they affect our decisions and daily quality of life. As economic agents, they have an impact on public finances and policies on many levels. But whether corporations are all members of society?

Corporate equality means that corporations adhere to diversity in its business practices, including in employment policies, in management roles, relationships with suppliers in advertising and marketing.

Corporate equality means that the contribution of all employees, business partners and customers, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or psychological inferiority secured environment that is based on respect.

Corporate leaders understand that corporate equality - is not only fair, but also good for business. Studies have shown that corporations that promote diversity are more successful in the long run. As Ukraine moves toward European integration, citizens, workers, consumers, businesses and government officials need to ask yourself:

  1. What do we do to all working-age population had equal rights to search for and obtain employment?
  2. How can we rely on diversity in Ukraine to strengthen our economy and a successful stay in business?
  3. Do I want to work or to purchase products from a company that does not protect workers from discrimination?
  4. Does the company shares my values and understand my point?

Using modern experience American advocacy organizations, "fulcrum" in cooperation with partner organizations established corporate equality index.

Ukrainian Corporate Equality Index - a national survey of corporate policies, rules and practices of private companies to prohibit discrimination in the workplace and support equality and riznomanitnosttya. The index includes the study of non-discrimination on grounds of gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The index includes a survey of major employers in Ukraine. Those companies that scored 100 points fall into the register of "best job". Now, buying a product or service or settling for work, you can learn more about the company: it supports the prohibition of discrimination on all grounds or not. You can not buy goods companies that ignore the policy of equality and riznomanitnottya and choose the goods or services of companies that provide equal rights for all employees, so you promoting human equality for everyone! We recommend our "corporate rating equality" in your daily life.