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With the signing of the association agreement with the European Union, Ukraine has undertaken a number of commitments under the laws and regulations of integration for businesses. The main purpose of these innovations is to bring Ukrainian legal system in line with EU standards. Odym of these blocks is the prohibition of discrimination at work.

In particular, the application of the Treaty 39 Association defines six EU directives that Ukraine should integrate into national legislation within 4 years. These guidelines directed to non-discrimination and gender equality in the workplace through the implementation of a number of instruments.

To fulfill criteria for EU non-discrimination in employment experts of human rights in Ukraine was adapted Western model of combating discrimination - equality policy (a policy of non-discrimination).

Over the past decade equality policies have proven to be the most appropriate and effective tool for combating discrimination at work. Such policies have become part of the corporate culture and most Western companies are a reliable means of protecting companies from expensive legal fees. If European companies are implementing policies for decades, Ukraine has a 4 years. To help Ukrainian companies to adapt quickly, we have developed advice, compliance with which will allow you to quickly and painlessly implement a policy of equality in your company and get additional bonuses from the introduction of such a policy.