Changing the world for better, improving the lives of (LGBTI) women in workplaces
April 11 / Dutch Embassy


The Workplace Pride European Lesbian and Business Roundtable will bring together employers, employees and civil society to address specific challenges and opportunities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex women at work.
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We will share knowledge and inspiration on how companies and governments can play a key role in LGBT inclusion/ activism and how local activist can leverage the power of business for our joint cause of improving the lives of LGBTI people. We'll explore how you can leverage the Workplace Pride Benchmark, the UN LGBT Business Standards, the Global Sustainable Development Goals and other initiatives for improving the lives of LGBTI people at and through workplaces around the world.

The learnings from our roundtable will be further explored at the European Lesbian* Conference which takes place 12-14 April in Kyiv.


From 13:45 – 17:00 followed by network reception

  • 13:45 Registration
  • 14:00 Opening by the Dutch Embassy
  • Panel discussion "Lesbians in business and civil society: defining the common ground"
    Applying the United Nations LGBTI Business Standards "
  • Deep dive with audience participation
  • Closing
  • 17:00 Reception/ networking
Why attend?

By attending this event you will

  • build and expand your network and connections of (LGBTI) women role models and LGBTI workplace inclusion ambassadors across borders
  • learn more about these very specific topics
  • gain insights into the economic advantages of leveraging Diversity & Inclusion in your business
  • have concrete actionable ideas and examples to take back to your own organisations
  • help improve the lives of women and LGBTI people in workplaces all over the world
Can men join?

Yes, men are welcome to join, we do however encourage the men to bring at least one (lgbti) woman to the event.

Please contact or
Attendance by invitation only, please contact us if you like to join.

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